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Samsung New Models - Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5, Samsung Fold 5, Samsung S24 & More

Samsung has once again redefined mobile innovation with the unveiling of its groundbreaking Galaxy S24 lineup. The year 2024 promises to be an exciting one for smartphone enthusiasts, with the S24 series pushing the boundaries of what's possible in pocket-sized tech.

This latest flagship range boasts not just one, but three distinct models – the Galaxy S24, S24+, and S24 Ultra – each catering to different user preferences and needs. Whether you're a photography aficionado drawn to the cutting-edge camera array, a power user seeking blistering performance, or a creative soul captivated by the immersive display, there's an S24 waiting to take your breath away.

But the innovations don't stop there. Samsung has also graced its foldable smartphone segment with significant updates. The Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip have received performance-boosting chipsets and enhanced GPUs, ensuring a smoother and more powerful experience for users who crave the unique benefits of foldable displays.

Samsung Mobile New Models: Latest Phones 

Muscat, Oman, witnesses the arrival of Samsung's next-generation flagship smartphones - the Galaxy S24 series!

Move over Galaxy S23, because the future is here! Samsung has set the Omani smartphone landscape ablaze with the groundbreaking Galaxy S24 lineup, pushing the boundaries of innovation and elevating every aspect of your mobile experience.

Say hello to three powerhouses:

  • Galaxy S24 Ultra: This king of the pack brings the legendary S-Pen back to the S series, merging the best of the Note and S worlds. Pro-level photography, cutting-edge performance, and a stunning design make it the ultimate flagship choice.
  • Galaxy S24+: Capture life's epic moments with dynamic cameras packed with intelligent picture processing. This vibrant powerhouse boasts a bold, eco-conscious design and delivers smooth performance for gaming, multitasking, and cinematic experiences.
  • Galaxy S24: Experience exceptional value without compromise. Enjoy a sleek design, advanced features like 5G Wi-Fi, and ample storage to effortlessly navigate your daily life.

Beyond the S24 Series:

  • Unfold possibilities: The Galaxy Z Fold5 and Z Flip5 elevate foldable technology with even bigger screens, enhanced durability, and seamless connectivity.
  • Powerful choices for all: Don't miss out on a range of options catered to various budgets and needs. Explore low-price models for the latest Android experience or discover professional-grade devices that redefine productivity.

No matter your style or budget, Samsung has a smartphone in Oman waiting to empower your life. Get ready to experience the future of mobile, redefined with the Galaxy S24 series and beyond!

Samsung Galaxy Z Series: Premium Foldable Smartphone at Best Price 

Improvements to the camera and hinge system are highly appreciated in the Samsung Z Flip series. The most recent prototypes are being created with a new punch hole, and the Galaxy Z Fold5 uses special under-display camera technology. Samsung Z Fold5 is sporting a timeless look by introducing its Phantom Black and Icy Blue variants. 

It is crafted from ultra-thin glass and delivers a dynamic range of colors with its stunning AMOLED 2x display, thus letting viewers enjoy adaptive content with minimized visual distractions. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 price in Oman is estimated to be at OMR 365.000 while the Galaxy Z Fold5 prices are set to be around OMR 555.000. 

The new high-end smartphone also has 5G network access, cutting-edge hardware, and a flippable screen that enables users to employ flex mode viewing and take advantage of hands-free video calls. All these models are manufactured with premium materials, and Sharaf DG makes them available for order in Oman online at discounted prices. 

Fastest Processor and Camera Smartphone, Samsung Galaxy S Series 

Samsung's Galaxy S series has always been synonymous with excellence, and the latest generation raises the bar even higher. From pro-grade cameras that capture stunning visuals in any light to cutting-edge chipsets that deliver blazing-fast performance, these phones are true powerhouses built for those who demand the best.

Unleash your inner photographer:

  • Galaxy S24 Series: Dive into a world of unparalleled photography with the S24's next-generation camera system. Expect exceptional detail, vibrant colors, and advanced processing that elevates your every shot. No matter the lighting conditions, the S24 captures moments with breathtaking clarity and accuracy.
  • Nightography Redefined: Whether you're documenting a late-night adventure or capturing memories under the city lights, the S24's advanced Nightography features ensure vibrant, noise-free photos and videos on both the front and rear cameras.

Power at your fingertips:

  • Cutting-edge Performance: Buckle up for lightning-fast speeds and seamless multitasking with the S24's newest chipsets. From demanding games to intensive applications, experience everything with unparalleled smoothness and power.
  • All-Day Battery Life: Never be caught off guard by a low battery again. The S24's optimized battery technology keeps you powered throughout the day, so you can stay connected to what matters most.

With the Galaxy S series leading the charge, Samsung continues to redefine mobile possibilities. Experience the future today and discover what a truly exceptional smartphone can do.

Samsung Galaxy A Series Smartphones, Innovation & Performance for All

The new Samsung mobile A series has been designed keeping the latest technology trends in mind. These phones feature a premium finish with IP67 water resistance and OIS Camera. Models like the Samsung A73, and Samsung A54 have long battery life. Super smooth features and optical image stabilization is available in the Samsung A34, Samsung Galaxy A14, and other A-series models. 

The fact that these powerful cell phones are secure in settings with low water pressure is another advantage. Samsung has enhanced its premium A series with cutting-edge innovation and created mobile devices for everyone with strong materials, extending their lifespan. 

Best Premium Quality Samsung Smartphone Accessories and Service 

Buyers can avail of various exciting offers on Samsung smartphone accessories at Sharaf DG. From products such as Samsung wireless earbuds, original Samsung chargers, Samsung Power Bank 1000, and other Samsung accessories, Sharaf DG constantly updates its product catalog and brings you the best Samsung mobile accessories for your smartphone. Additionally, you may select from a variety of custom phone covers and save big on service requests made through us to the Samsung repair facility.

FAQ's - Samsung Phones

Which Samsung Mobile series is best in mid-range? 

For balanced features and appeal in Oman's mid-range, the Galaxy A series shines. If budget reigns supreme, M series delivers. But for powerhouse performance at a good price, check out the F series only at Sharaf DG Oman

Which is the best Samsung mobile at a low price? 

Check out the F series (F64, F44 & F24) for powerful performance and features that punch above their weight on your wallet.

Which Samsung series is best: A or S? 

The significant difference between the Samsung A and S series are the cameras, build quality, and speed. Samsung Galaxy S series devices are suitable for the most demanding tasks and can take razor-sharp photos. While A series phones are reasonable in price, has decent performance, and are made up of plastic body and rear. 

Which is the best Samsung phone under OMR 500? 

Samsung Galaxy S24 & Z Fold5 is one of Oman's top smartphones under OMR 500.

Which is better, MediaTek or Snapdragon? 

Both MediaTek and Snapdragon have their strengths, with Snapdragon generally being more popular for higher-end devices due to better performance and power efficiency. At the same time, MediaTek offers competitive options for mid-range and budget smartphones. The choice ultimately depends on your needs and the device's intended use. 

Which Samsung series is best S or Z? 

The Samsung "S" series (e.g., Galaxy S24) is generally considered the flagship line with top-tier features and performance. In contrast, the "Z" series (e.g., Galaxy Z Fold5) offers innovative foldable designs but may come at a higher price point and could have some early-generation technology considerations. Your preference should depend on your priorities between cutting-edge technology and traditional flagship features. 

Which phone of Samsung is best?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is considered one of the best phones due to its top-notch specifications, camera capabilities, and overall performance.

Which Samsung phone camera quality is best?

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra offers one of the best camera setups with impressive zoom capabilities and overall image quality.

Which Samsung phone is the best value for money?

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G is considered one of the best value-for-money options, offering a balanced blend of features, performance, and camera quality in a mid-range package. 

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