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Refrigerators From Top Brands at the Best Prices in Muscat, Oman

Have you been browsing the top refrigerators in Oman? Then you must've noticed that the market is full of innumerable refrigerator types, brands, and features these days. The options now far surpass standard requirements and daily needs, with each product targeted for a unique customer segment.

Today, the top brand refrigerators in Muscat offer built-in ice dispensers, kid-friendly grab-and-go snack drawers, and multiple panels or shelves. With so many available options, any modern consumer is bound to think: which refrigerator is ideal for me?

Is this question on your mind as well? Not to worry! We’ve put together a detailed guide to help you understand the latest trends in the market to help you find the ideal product for your needs. Plus, you can access all the exciting offers and deals on refrigerator prices, right here, at Sharaf DG. Let's begin!

Type of Refrigerators by Style in the Oman

With so many refrigerator types and options available in the market, it is important to understand what makes each product unique. So, here is a quick look at the top categories in refrigerators that you should be aware of:

1. French Door Refrigerator

Famous for its unique configuration that allows a wider storage space, French Door refrigerators have twin doors that open to full width in the top compartment and a single door at the bottom to store deep-freeze items. These models are ideal for families as they have larger storage space and allow the user to easily view the complete range of food items by opening the twin doors.

2. Double Door/Side-By-Side Refrigerator

Double-door or side-by-side refrigerators are highly popular for a traditional home kitchen. While the double-door refrigerator has the freezer unit and fridge storage stacked on top of each other, side-by-side refrigerators have it stacked next to each other. Both configurations have its advantage depending on the usage of the customer.

The double door is ideal if the freezer compartment has minimum use, while the side-by-side is ideal if both deep-freeze and regular fridge have equal usage.

3. Top Freezer Refrigerator

In a traditional refrigerator configuration, top freezer refrigerators have a combination where the top shelf is meant for items that require deep freezing.

In contrast, everyday food items like fruits, vegetables, and liquids are stored in the bottom section. This configuration is prevalent mainly in single or double door options.

4. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The opposite of the top freezer, the bottom-freezer refrigerator is a configuration where the traditional items are kept at eye level, while the bottom compartment or freezer stores deep-freezer units. This type of fridge is available in both single and double-door options.

5. Smart Home Compatibility Fridge

A Smart Home Compatibility Fridge can be a double door or side by side door refrigerator, but with modern features that enable it to be controlled via Smart Home devices.

Smart refrigerators often include models that offer top-notch technology features like advanced climate controls, shopping lists, memos, and other integrations with home automation systems.

6. Mini/Small Fridges

As the name suggests, a mini-fridge is a smaller version of the traditional refrigerator, often with a single-door option. The mini fridge can be freestanding or built-in under the kitchen counter and is primarily used in hotel rooms, forms, or offices.

7. Freezers/Ice Makers

Ice dispensers and deep freezers are compact options for add-on cold storage with deep-freezing technology for items like ice cream, ice, meat, and processed foods.

8. Commercial Refrigerator

A commercial merchandiser refrigerator is a fridge with a fully-open glass door, allowing customers to view the contents inside without opening the refrigerator.

Although most popular for commercial use or retail outlets, a commercial fridge is an excellent add-on in the household for those looking to store extra food items, drinks, and other products.

9. Freezerless Refrigerator

Ideal for customers looking for a compact refrigeration option, freezerless refrigerators are extensively used for commercial applications, restaurant kitchens, and household kitchens that only require an additional food storage fridge.

10. Wine Coolers

These specialized compact refrigerators have unique storage options for wine and other bottles. They help regulate the temperature of the wine bottles and keep them safe thanks to having tight compartments separating each bottle.

How to Find the Right-Sized Refrigerators?

Next, it is time to understand just which refrigerator option you should opt for.

The key to this decision is the size and capacity of your refrigerator, which should be appropriate for your needs and should also fit in perfectly with your kitchen decor. So, here is how you should determine the right refrigerator size for your needs:

1. Refrigerator Size

Before buying a fridge, one needs to consider the size of the refrigerator that one is looking to buy. Some factors that play an important role in determining the right size of the refrigerator are the space available, the space of the fridge after doors have been opened, and ventilation or cleaning space behind the fridge to ensure it is not too tightly packed.

2. Measure Depth, Width, and Height

To know the exact size of the refrigerator that you can opt for, measure the space available in your kitchen or cabinets from the bottom, sides, and width. This will help you determine the exact height, width, and depth you can consider for your refrigerator.

3. Measure the Door Opening

Next, understand how far the door will open into your kitchen. For ease of use, it is recommended that the refrigerator door can be opened at full capacity while still leaving enough space for movement.

4. Allow Room for the Hinge

A good rule of thumb is to check for spaces on the hinge, so the refrigerator door works properly. It should also not hit any cupboards, cabinets, or other appliances.

5. Measure For Ventilation

Do make sure to leave extra space behind the refrigerator so it can ventilate adequately. This will help save energy while ensuring that the motor and compressor work longer.

If there is not enough space behind the fridge, it may heat up and damage the device or engine.

6. Measure House Doorways

To make sure that you can easily bring the refrigerator into your home and kitchen, measure each doorway you will need to go through.

If the fridge is too large, the door will need to be removed and put back to ensure that the refrigerator can be moved in without any difficulty.

7. Family Size

Here is a simple indicator to help you know which fridge is right for your needs depending on standard requirements.

Numbers of Users Storage Capacity
Family of 2-3 people 300 - 400 Litres
Family of 4 - 5 people 400 - 650 Litres
Family greater than 5 650 Litres or more

8. Shopping and Cooking Habits

An indicator of how large your fridge has to also depend on your shopping habits.

If you tend to shop for groceries in bulk or rely on frozen foods, you will need to pick a fridge with a more prominent storage option that includes a large enough freezer.

Innovations and Trends in Refrigerators in the Oman

With constant upgrades and advancements in fridge technology, modern refrigerators have several features that provide huge value to the consumer. So, it is important to look at some of the best-in-class innovations when picking refrigerators in Oman, such as:

1. Quick access

Pick a refrigerator that includes quick access or showcase options that allow you to look at what’s inside and easily access everyday food items without opening the entire refrigerator. This also helps make it more energy-efficient since the door is not opened frequently.

2. Connected

Ensure your refrigerator has smart features like Wi-Fi access, calendar, notes, and even shopping list options to remind you to buy a particular item.

3. Convertible refrigerator/freezers

Opt for devices with the convertible option, which lets you convert the fridge to a freezer and back, depending on last-minute requirements.

4. Food freshness

Modern refrigerators also have a separate compartment to store fresh fruits and vegetables, which helps maintain an ideal temperature and keep these products fresh for a longer duration.

5. Fingerprint-resistant

Refrigerator surfaces are primarily susceptible to smudges, scratches, or fingerprints. Check if the fridge has a fingerprint-resistant and scratch-resistant coating to help you keep it looking as good as new for a longer duration.

6. Energy efficiency

Pick options that have higher energy efficiency by looking at the ENERGY STAR certificate on the refrigerator. The more stars you opt for, the more you can save on your electricity bill.

7. Finishes

Finally, make sure your refrigerator blends in perfectly with your kitchen and other appliances. You can pick refrigerators in multiple colors and finishes to help match your requirement.

Which are the Best Brands to Buy Refrigerators in the Oman?

When it comes to picking the right refrigerator, the brand plays a prominent role in the end decision. The brand determines the quality and overall service that you can get. So, make sure you pick a fridge from the top brands in this list:

1. Super General

Super General is a home and lifestyle electronics brand owned by Fujitsu General Limited of Japan. Their products are renowned for their excellent quality and last long thanks to the use of premium and durable materials.

2. LG

One of the most popular global electronics brands, LG refrigerators, has won awards for their excellent feature-rich products that are highly reliable and durable.

The newest range of LG refrigerators also comes with smart connectivity options, ensuring that they can easily be controlled via the LG smartphone app or a home automation device.

3. Samsung

The Korean consumer electronics brand is considered the largest electronic brand by size and caters to multiple segments.

Samsung’s refrigerators are durable, tough, and feature-rich, with innovations that make them unique from any other product in its segment.

4. Hitachi

Hitachi is a Japanese multinational electronics company that provides some of the top electronic products in the market. Its refrigerators are known for being durable, feature-rich, and easy to use.

5. Nikai

Dealing primarily in the kitchen and household electronics, Nikai is a great brand when considering a refrigerator. It has products in multiple segments and sizes available, with state-of-the-art design and features.

6. Whirlpool

Whirlpool is an American multinational electronics manufacturer known for its wide range of refrigerators and home electronics. Its products are bang-for-the-buck, feature-rich, and reliable.

7. Nobel

Nobel is an electronics manufacturer based in Oman and provides energy-efficient, durable, and well-priced products for most everyday consumers.

8. Hisense

Hisense is a Chinese electronics manufacturer with a global presence and provides feature-rich, affordable, and durable refrigerators.

9. Westpoint

A French electronics brand, WestPoint refrigerators are famous for their distinct and premium looks. Westpoint fridges have excellent build quality and some of the best features in their segment.

10. Siemens

Siemens is a home electronic brand renowned for its household and kitchen appliances. Their fridge is durable, feature-rich, and has excellent build quality.

Top 10 Recommended Refrigerators in the Oman

Ready to buy a refrigerator in Oman? If you are in a hurry, here is a quick look at the top-rated products which you can go for:

1. Samsung BESPOKE 4-Door Flex Refrigerator 820 Litres

Samsung’s BESPOKE 4-door refrigerator comes with customizable color panels with 820L storage and French-door panels with top-notch features. The beautiful-looking color panels have tempered glass, a digital inverter compressor, and a highly energy-efficient one.

2. LG Side By Side Fridge Bottom Freezer

This LG side-by-side fridge with a bottom freezer and instaview door has a 3-star rating. It provides 51% energy savings with top-rate durability and optimal temperature control to keep foods fresher for longer.

3. Samsung French Door Refrigerator 910 Litres

Samsung’s french-door 910L refrigerator has a minimalist, clean and clutter-free styling. It has plenty of room for groceries and deep-freeze items and has five pre-set modes: freeze, soft freeze, meat/fish, fruit/veggies, and beverage.

4. Hitachi Side By Side Refrigerator 700 Litres

With a 700L capacity, Hitachi’s refrigerator has toughened glass shelf, inverter technology, pocket handles, dispenser, vegetable box, auto-door technology, and an eco thermal sensor.

5. Siemens Built-In Upright Freezer 235 Litres

This 235L refrigerator from Siemens comes with noFrost technology, a one-touch superFreezing button, A++ energy class with 40% less energy, 7-segment electronic control, and freshSense technology.

Besides top-notch features, the refrigerator also has a 3-year warranty.

6. LG Side By Side Fridge Slim French Door Refrigerator 570 Litres

LG’s slim french door refrigerator has a seamless premium look with bright LED lighting, wide storage, and linear cooling to keep food fresh for longer.

It also has a 10-year warranty on the linear compressor and even remotely adjusts the settings using the app or innovative home functionalities.

7. Samsung French Door Refrigerator 681 Litres

Samsung’s French-Door Refrigerator with Triple Cooling, Cool Select, which allows extra cooling for specific sections, and Crisper+ technology to keep fruits and vegetables fresh, is one of the top devices in the segment.

It has 602L storage space and multiple storage compartments to help you store and cool your food depending on specific requirements.

8. Siemens Side By Side Refrigerator 598L

Crafted for simplicity and with amazing features, the 598L refrigerator from Siemens has all the features you’ll need for your household requirements - like the superFreezing option, SuperCooling, freshSense, and anti-fingerprint door finish.

It has multi Airflow to maintain the optimum temperature while using minimal energy.

9. Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator 677 Litres

The Whirlpool 667L frost-free four-door refrigerator is a winner in all segments, one of the most exquisite and feature-rich refrigerators in this segment.

Crafted for convenience, it has sliding trays, 3D airflow cooling, a feather touch UI, and excellent features that make it a complete package.

10. Samsung BESPOKE 1.85m Fridge Freezer 350LWith Top

If you are looking for all-around cooling, this 350 L refrigerator from Samsung is a great option. It has reversible doors, multiple storage options, 3 liters of storage for bottles, and two additional rows for cans, making it ideal for those looking to store bulky milk containers, fruits, juices, and other household items.

Buy Refrigerators and Freezers Online at Best Prices

The kitchen of any house is incomplete if it does not have a refrigerator. The purpose of a refrigerator is to ensure that the freshness and flavour of food remain intact for days at a time. Most of the refrigerators and freezers in Oman today come with innovative, intelligent features and are highly efficient. Browse from a range of refrigerators and freezers from brands like Samsung, Midea and Hitachi, at Sharaf DG, and get discounted offers online.

Best Refrigerators and Freezers with Advanced Technology

Today, the refrigerators and freezers come powered with latest and smart features that save energy, lock freshness and have a sophisticated look. There are different types of refrigerators available and in different capacities. From door-in-door to French door, side by side, top freezer and bottom freezer, there are plenty of options available. The door-in-door refrigerators from LG are sleek in design and come with plenty of smart technology like SmartThinQ to control your refrigerator by your smartphone, inverter linear compressor for optimal temperature, door cooling to keep the temperature even and InstaView that enables you to see inside refrigerator with just two knocks. If you are looking for a simple and economical refrigerator, then you can buy Hoover Single Door Larder Fridge that is compact in design but offers plenty of space to store fresh food and drinks.

Browse Best Refrigerator and Freezer Online

Take your kitchen to the next level with energy-efficient and innovative refrigerators and freezers in Oman. There are many popular brands like LG, Super General, Hitachi, Samsung and Bosch that offer single, double and triple door refrigerators online. One of the latest refrigerators that you can look for is from electronics giant Hitachi.

Its Solfege series refrigerator keeps your vegetable and other food items fresh. They feature large door pockets and are spacious enough to keep big size bottles. The refrigerator comes equipped with Nano titanium filters that remove bacteria and bad odor. It also features flat-panel glass touchscreen controls that help you change settings easily.

When looking for a sleek and energy-efficient refrigerator in Oman, Samsung Top Mount Freezer can be the right choice. It comes powered with Twin Cooling Plus technology that cools fridge and freezer separately. It comes with Power Cool and Power Freeze buttons that freeze and cool food with just a touch. The Digital Inverter Technology adjusts compressor speed and uses less energy.

Shop Refrigerators Online at Sharaf DG

Whether you are planning to replace your old fridge or planning to buy an intelligent refrigerator, you can buy from a wide range of freezers and refrigerators in Oman as per your budget and requirement. Shop from an extensive range of refrigerators online at Sharaf DG and get best offers on them. You can also get 1-year Manufacturer Warranty on your online shopping at Sharaf DG. Buy best value refrigerator and freezer in Oman and treat your family with fresh food.

FAQs - Refrigerators

Which brand is best for refrigerator?

While several brands claim to be the best refrigerator brand in Oman, the most reliable and feature-rich products are from brands like Samsung, Hitachi, LG, Siemens, Whirlpool, Hisense, and Nikai.

What brand of refrigerator has the least problems?

Given their size and global presence, some of the most reliable refrigerator brands include LG, Whirlpool, Samsung, Hitachi, Siemens, and Hisense.

What is a good fridge to buy in Muscat?

Consumers can opt for a fridge that matches their requirements and budget. However, some of the top brand refrigerators which provide best-in-class features and are ideal for most households are:

1. Samsung BESPOKE 4-Door Flex Refrigerator 820 L
2. LG Side By Side Fridge Bottom Freezer
3. Samsung French Door Refrigerator 910 Litres
4. Hitachi Side By Side Refrigerator 700 Litres RM700VAGUK9XGZ
5. Siemens Built-In Upright Freezer 235 Litres

Which fridge is best in the Oman?

The top-brand refrigerators that are available in Oman are:

1. LG Side By Side Fridge Slim French Door Refrigerator 570
2. Samsung French Door Refrigerator 681 Litres
3. Siemens Side By Side Refrigerator 598L
4. Whirlpool French Door Refrigerator 677 Litres
5. Samsung BESPOKE 1.85m Fridge Freezer 350L

What is the difference between refrigeration and freezer?

Although both terms are used interchangeably by many customers, refrigerators and freezers are built for different purposes. A refrigerator is a device that helps store food and keep it fresh for a longer duration using refrigeration or maintaining a cold temperature. Meanwhile, a freezer helps store frozen food items or other perishable products stay fresh by freezing them below sub-zero temperatures (below 0° Celsius).

What is the freezer used for?

A freezer is an electronic device that maintains temperatures below freezing point or sub-zero temperatures. This is used to store food inside for a long period and can be used to store items like baked goods, ice cream, desserts, frozen goods, and more.

Which type of freezer is best?

The ideal refrigerator is dependent on the usage and requirement of every consumer. However, for most everyday consumers, the upright side-by-side or double-door refrigerator is the perfect option and helps provide accessibility with several consumer-centric features.

Does the freezer consume more electricity?

Yes. Freezers use more electricity than a fridge because they require more energy to maintain a cold temperature. In addition, the freezer is used to change liquids to solids, and since this involves sub-zero temperatures, it needs more power to maintain this temperature setting.

What uses more electricity, fridge or freezer?

The freezer uses more electricity compared to the fridge. While the fridge is used to chill and keep food items fresh, the freezer is used when the items need to be frozen and kept at sub-zero temperatures. To maintain this lower temperature, the freezer needs more power than the fridge, which doesn't need to maintain sub-zero temperatures.

How much does a fridge cost in the Oman?

Standard refrigerators in the Oman can start from OMR 80 and go up to OMR 500 and more.
At Sharaf DG, all the refrigerators are categorized by type, storage capacity, and price. This enables the consumer to optimize their search and find the products that best fit their needs.

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